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Overland Conveyor Co. is excited and proud to announce the release of Bulk Flow Analyst Version 18.1.  We welcome any comments or suggestions about the new version so that we can continue to improve its functionality and usability.

The new version can be downloaded and installed through the program for users up to date with MES.  If the update screen does not load during startup, please check for updates through the help menu.  A current Maintenance, Enhancements and Support (MES) agreement is necessary to receive Bulk Flow Anaylst™ 18.1.  If you are not up to date or have any other questions, please contact Tawna Kjera at for more details.

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Overland Conveyor and Applied DEM would like to announce the release of Bulk Flow Analyst version 18. New improvements and enhancements include: faster simulations, new Material Studio, updated Material Library, random material lump shapes, simplified material characterization, ramped belt speed, and updated help files.

Live online training webinars will go over different topics of BFA. All videos will be uploaded to our eTraining site. You must have a current MES to access the eTraining site.

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Overland Conveyor Co. would like to welcome two new employees, Carly Wilson and Laura Summers!​ We are very excited to add them to our software development team, here at our Lakewood, CO office.

Carly Wilson graduated in May of 2016 from the University of South Dakota. She majored in Physics and Computer Science. Her skills include Algorithms, Java, C++, and Neural Networks. She will be working on our Belt Analyst development team.

Laura Summers graduate in December 2015 with a BS in Video Game Design and Development. Her skills include Game Programming, Graphics, Trajectory Optimization, Controls, and Model and Simulation. Laura will also be working on our Belt Analyst development team.


​Dr. Del Cid presented a continuation of research performed on cohesive materials simulated using discrete elements. The model, labeled MEPA, is a cohesive stiffness model that simulates the compaction, rebound and adhesive behavior observed in material with increasing cohesive strength over time. The goal is to simulate the mechanical flow behavior of the material with greater accuracy through the different flow regimes to better optimize the design while maximizing the material transfer quantity and life of the system.

"It was a pleasure to contribute to the exchange of ideas on recent advances in DEM and related computational methods and techniques. Attending this proceedings let us confirm we are at the leading edge of DEM theory and modeling of granular flows." - Dr. Liz Del Cid


Mark Alspaugh recently traveled to Beijing, China to provide software training to companies interested in Belt Analyst and Bulk Flow Analyst.The companies in attendance included Pubai, Kumming, Hancheng, Yueji, Jiaozuo, CUMT University, Fuyun, Hengyuan, and HengAN. The second stop was to Jiaozuo Creation Heavy Industries company who hosted their own onite training class. Click on the link below to see pictures of the groups.

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July 2015- Improved Clusters and Particle Blocks and a Re-introduction to Motion Manager.

There have been some major improvements to both the custom clusters and the partilce blocks. Each has been upgrades to allow more customizable information as well as make it easier for the user to add these features to their simulation.

Motion Manager was also re-introduced in version 15 with a more advanced control system.

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