Bulk Flow Analyst- SolidWorks Add-In

The SolidWorks Add-In is a tool similar to the BFA Modeler, however it does not require users to export or import their geometry. For users of SolidWorks, the SolidWorks Add-In allows them to work completely within the SolidWorks environment. The Add-In is available for free to users of Bulk Flow Analyst™ and Chute Analyst™.

Unlike the AutoCAD Interactive interface, the users do not need to pick a series of 3 or 4-sided planar faces and instead only select the surfaces of interest. Also, instead of prepping the CAD drawings for curvy faces, Bulk Flow Analyst™ makes an attempt to closely represent the geometry selected by the user. Using a process called tessellation Bulk Flow Analyst™ divides the geometry into triangular faces, and the degree to which the triangular faces match the original geometry is within the control of the user.

The Solidworks Addin was originally configured for Bulk Flow Analyst™, and therefore will offer all users the ability to develop projects and simulations as if they were licensed users of Bulk Flow Analyst™. For users of Chute Analyst™, simulations developed with Bulk Flow Analyst™-like capabilities will be run without these capabilities.